$60,940.73 -0.92%(24H Vol)
$4,591.27 -1.80%(24H Vol)
$1.44 0.020%(24H Vol)
$1.44 0.110%(24H Vol)
$1.07 -2.62%(24H Vol)
$1.47 -1.97%(24H Vol)
$27.34 -3.96%(24H Vol)
$0.212 -0.35%(24H Vol)
Wrapped Bitcoin(WBTC)
$60,881.67 -1.06%(24H Vol)
$1.44 0.140%(24H Vol)
Cosmos Hub(ATOM)
$37.89 -2.59%(24H Vol)
$157.54 -2.67%(24H Vol)
$21.55 -3.53%(24H Vol)
$0.089 -2.52%(24H Vol)
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
$456.75 -2.49%(24H Vol)
Ethereum Classic(ETC)
$57.15 -4.88%(24H Vol)
$1.08 -3.26%(24H Vol)
$0.286 -2.75%(24H Vol)
$13.97 -3.38%(24H Vol)
$346.16 -0.61%(24H Vol)
$29.68 -4.60%(24H Vol)
$3.24 -2.59%(24H Vol)
$4.48 -2.46%(24H Vol)
The Graph(GRT)
$0.550 -4.37%(24H Vol)
$249.03 -4.06%(24H Vol)
$3.34 -2.98%(24H Vol)
$32.69 -13.23%(24H Vol)
$230.76 -5.13%(24H Vol)
$1.02 -3.59%(24H Vol)
$2,910.52 -1.97%(24H Vol)
Bitcoin SV(BSV)
$122.22 -1.65%(24H Vol)
$30.71 -4.18%(24H Vol)
$1.37 -3.80%(24H Vol)
$157.02 -3.66%(24H Vol)
Basic Attention Token(BAT)
$1.05 -4.51%(24H Vol)
Pax Dollar(USDP)
$1.44 0.110%(24H Vol)
$0.147 -2.54%(24H Vol)
$6.71 1.56%(24H Vol)
$82.50 -2.73%(24H Vol)
$28,674.57 -2.87%(24H Vol)
$9.61 -4.44%(24H Vol)
OMG Network(OMG)
$6.66 -4.29%(24H Vol)
Bancor Network Token(BNT)
$3.56 -3.79%(24H Vol)
$1.06 -6.95%(24H Vol)
Bitcoin Gold(BTG)
$50.95 -5.38%(24H Vol)
$2,804.98 -0.04%(24H Vol)
$1.15 -5.22%(24H Vol)
$0.016 -4.02%(24H Vol)
Kyber Network Crystal(KNC)
$6.05 18.23%(24H Vol)
$0.577 -2.57%(24H Vol)
$0.526 -6.90%(24H Vol)
$3.43 -0.94%(24H Vol)
$3.07 -3.71%(24H Vol)
$0.537 -6.17%(24H Vol)
$0.412 -5.11%(24H Vol)
$6.51 -3.02%(24H Vol)
$40.21 -1.85%(24H Vol)
Band Protocol(BAND)
$5.68 -4.49%(24H Vol)
Orchid Protocol(OXT)
$0.382 -5.06%(24H Vol)
$1.55 -4.58%(24H Vol)
$81.22 -1.51%(24H Vol)


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