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We started Coin Culture in 2021 after noticing a distinct lack of crypto news outlets focusing on Australia. Our mission became providing Aussie crypto users with an unbiased and reliable news source, covering the most important developments in the cryptosphere in Australia and the world, while also providing a toolkit for understanding the basics.

Founded in Melbourne, Coin Culture is made by Australian cryptocurrency enthusiasts for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, assuring accessibility for all. Whether new to the space or seasoned veterans, our coverage of major altcoins, policy regulations, tech and general blockchain news work to provide insight and value to readers of all levels.

Some of the core beliefs behind Coin Culture are:


It is becoming more difficult to comprehend the technology behind Web 3.0 and the decentralised internet. Our first and most important mission is to stop making things too complicated. Crypto should be easy to understand.

Compelling Stories

We want to ensure that we are covering news and stories that are compelling to our readers. We want to make sure that are readers are engaged and find value in the pieces we publish.


While cryptocurrencies are revolutionary and exciting, we want to remain truthful in our analysis. Not all technology is benevolent and the cryptocurrency space has been marred with scams, bad tech, and hacks in the past. It’s important to us that we present our readers both sides of the coin to inform better decision-making.

Embracing web 3.0

We are strong believers of crypto and web 3.0 and try to stay on the cutting edge of all things that move us closer to the new web. Cryptocurrencies already hold many tenets of web 3.0 with their decentralised and trustless nature, so the space makes it easy to embrace. Whether it’s DeFi, play-to-earn games, or NFTs, with our guides and news stories, we aim to keep our readers up to date with the latest progress in the space.

We are grateful to all our readers, you are what keeps us going. If you’d like to make some suggestions or contact us, feel welcome to email us or reach out through our socials. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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